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It's important to note that Serin Fate is still in mid development and this is a PRE ALPHA demo -- this version excludes all story-line spoilers/progression and there will likely be bugs!

Serin Fate is a sprawling adventure RPG that features classic storytelling intertwined with modern ideas.

At its core, Serin Fate aims to satisfy those who seek an immersive and relaxing gaming experience, while also providing hardcore Gamers the optional thrills of perma-death, Hard Mode, dungeon crawling, and leaderboards.

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Install instructions

Extract the .zip into a folder and run the application. The data.win file must be kept with the application executable.


Serin Fate Demo.zip 374 MB


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Hey guys!

The Pre-Alpha Demo has an updated version. It is mainly a bunch of small fixes.


-Save corruption

-Item attraction radius

-Time inaccuracies


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I LOVE this game... However...

I cannot save it for the life of me!  I've tried everything, including saving after an hour, 15 minutes, and 1 minute...  Nothing works, and I've lost so much time trying to figure out how to simply get it to save so that I do not lose progress.

Whenever I save and reload the game to load the save, it loads back in all bugged/glitched out to where it is a broken looking game. 

I can't even just keep playing to progress because I had a random glitch ruin 1+ hours of progress... 

Any assistance is appreciated! 

Hey there! I'm sorry to hear that. This is definitely a known issue, and will hopefully be worked out in the very near future :)

Thank you for your reply!  It is comforting to know that it is not just me.  This is an amazing game and I love everything about it, so am looking forward to seeing how it develops in the future :) 

I'm not sure if I'm submitting my question in the FAQ - so I'll ask here. Will there be controller capabilities, by chance? :) Thank you.

Hey! Feel free to join in, and ask questions here in the future: https://discordapp.com/invite/jSXnEnT

A Nintendo Switch version is a future goal, and at which time, controller capabilities will also be implemented :)

To be fair, it's on the roadmap, but not for a while.

Just downloaded the demo to try it and very quickly got a critical error that crashed the demo.  Couldn't really do anything once I found home

Sorry to hear that! Can you describe the activity you were doing before the crash or possibly replicate and screen shot the error?

I was trying to plant seeds by the house.  As I tired to do it the game crashed with a critical error notice.

More bugs & misc changes update!


Hey Guys!

There is a new pre-alpha demo version -- bugs have been fixed and some small misc. changes were made.

If you find a bug, give me a shout, and I'll work on getting it fixed ASAP!



Any plans for a Linux version ?


Serin Fate will release for Windows PC initially. After that, if people like it and funding permitting, I'll  bring Serin Fate to as many platforms as possible. Mac and Linux will be likely first candidates at that point!

Thanks for being open to the idea ! If you end up making the Linux version count me in for a full price purchase. Best of luck regardless.

It's impressive how many things you can do in this build. Good luck with the Kickstarter! 


Thanks! I really appreciate the coverage.

Also, I'll be working to fix all of those bugs ASAP!!

i really enjoyed the demo and i'm excited about what this will develop into.

I'm so glad! Im really excited about the future of Serin Fate too :)

A pre-alpha ? Oh fk yes !

I got banned from Twitter, so haven't been able to follow.

I'll follow on here !

Can't wait to play, thanks for all your hard work !

Dang! Well I hope you enjoy the demo -- it's not extensive, but it allows people to mess around with some of the mechanics.

Serin Fate will be live on Kickstarter tomorrow as well - there'll be some cool stuff to come check out!

Great demo! It has been a while since I played and RPG game, I love the mechanics and liked the animations too. Keep it up, loved playing this game! 

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Hey! Thanks very much for the play and great feedback :)

I'd love to participate in the GDWC, ill sign-up now.


[UPDATE] Some minor changes were made, and a game-breaking bug with crafting was fixed.


I played the demo and it looks promising! The pixel art is well done and the character designs look fascinating. One thing that blew my mind was being able to gather resources with a magical tool that automatically mines/cuts a tree down while you wander off to do something else. It's a perfect combination of streamlining busy work in a game and fusing that within the game world that you're presenting. Details like that will really set the game apart from others! I'm looking forward to seeing how this game develops and how it differentiates itself from similiar games of this genre. I made a video with my commentary and more thoughts. Keep up the great work!


Very cool!

I appreciate this very much man -- it means a lot! I'm gonna share the video you made :3

I would like to put it on the Vethergen website too if that's alright with you?

I would be honored! Thanks for sharing!


Yup yup, I will be sure to look into the crafting menus as well... Also, to garden, you place soil first -- no worries though, the demo kind of just throws you into a puddle of mechanics without any real guidance. There is SO much planned for the future, can't wait to share more :)

That's good to know! I'm looking forward to more! :D


I can tell a lot of love went into this... I like it


Thanks so much :)

Serin Fate is the first game I've been developing that I truly LOVE. I'm really excited about where it's heading!

This reply is LATE lol but I'm glad to see there are still people out there making good quality games just for the sake of the art <3

Keep it up!